Visual identity for Kungl. Konsthögskolans Royal Institute of Art’s open house event.

kkh open house summer studio


KKH Open House is an event where the school open its doors for the public and invites presumptive students to learn about the education before applying.


We were asked to design a visual identity for the event, communicating accessibility and the experimental spirit of the school. The applications included invitation- and information flyer to be handed out at student fairs, and graphics to promote the event on the KKH website and social media.

konsthogskolan flyer summer studio summer studio mejan flyer kkh flyer summer studio


We took note of the word “experimentlusta”, meaning “desire to experiment” that was used to describe the school, and applied the spirit of that on the existing KKH identity. We made a typeface which is a mix of the schools two identity typefaces, Pitch and Portrait and used it to highlight certain key words and as a headline typeface in the typographic illustrations.

summer studio typographic illustration mejan guided tour summer studio